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What is Cutera®?

Cutera® laser and light-based procedures are clinically proven for the treatment of a broad range of face and body skin conditions. We now offer laser and light-based procedures for efficient hair removal, treatment of vascular veins on the face and body, skin resurfacing, wrinkle therapy and pigmentation therapy. All with little or no downtime.

Hair Removal (Every 6 weeks)
Area Treated Women & Men 6 Treatments
Neck $200 $1000
Upper Lip $100 $500
Cheeks (2) $200 $1,000
Eyebrows $100 $750
Ears (2) $100 $500
Forehead $200 $1000
Chin $100 $500
Shoulders $250 (Men Only) $1250
Upper Arms $300 $1500
Bikini-Basic $175 $875
Bikini-Brazilian $250 $1250
Forearms $300 $1500
Hands $100 $500
Entire Arms & Hands $400 $2000
Chest $400 (Men Only) $2000
Breast $100 $500
Abdomen $200 $1000
Underarms $150 $750
Thighs $300 $1500
Buttocks $200 $1000
Lower Legs $300 $1500
Feet $100 $500
Entire Legs & Feet $400 $2000
Entire Back $400 (Men Only) $2000
Spider Vein Therapy (Every 8-10 weeks)
0-15 mins. 15-30 mins. 30-45 mins.
$275 $425 $650
Laser Genesis non-ablative (every 2 weeks)
Improves skin textures, redness/rosacea, enlarged pores, scars $350 $1750 (6 treatments)
LimeLight IPL (Every 4 weeks)
Full Face Limelight IPL $350 $1275 (4 Treatments)
Small Region IPL (hand/spot treatment) $150 $510 (4 Treatments)
IPL Chest $425 $1445 (4 Treatments)

Jan Marini Facials

Proteolytic Enzyme Facial
Gentle exfoliation, followed by soothing, hydrating mask
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C-ESTA Facial
Lifts, tones and firms the skin.
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Age Intervention Regeneration Facial
Rejuvenates the skin through powerful anti-aging antioxidants.
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Retinol Plus Facial
Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and acne.
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Jan Marini Resurfacing

Gycolic and Enzyme Resurfacing
Boosts’ the skins ability to repair damage while smoothing and firming.
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Microdermabrasion Hand Resurfacing
Intense hydration and rejuvenation.
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Proteolytic Enzyme Back Treatment
Treats dehydration breakouts and oily skin.
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Jan Marini Peel Systems

The Marini Peel System is an advanced and comprehensive peel system containing a retinol, peptide and antioxidant activators to enhance recovery and results beyond what is possible from a simple series of peels.

Refine Peel
Designed for all skin types seeking significant skin rejuvenation. The unique combination of acids found in the Refine Peel allow for maximum efficacy without significant downtime.
Starting at $225
Clarify Peel
Ideal for anyone seeking a serious solution for acne and oily skin. Lipid soluble salicylic and mandelic acids help clear follicles for maximum results. The Clarify Peel is also a great solution for resurfacing and rejuvenation on ethnic skin.
Starting at $225
Transform Peel
Utilizes a high concentration of multiple acids to lift pigment and aggressively resurface the skin for overall skin rejuvenation.
Starting at $225

Jan Marini Resurfacing

The Resurfacing Gel Exfoliator (40%) and Resurfacing Gel Peel (70%) are highly-concnetrated medically-based glycolic acid formulations. Results are immediate with no downtime and benefits are more progressive over a simple of resurfacing treatments.

Resurfacing Gel Exfoliator Starting at $225
Resurfacing Gel Peel Starting at $225

JUVÉDERM® Wrinkle Filler


JUVÉDERM® XC is a smooth gel filler used to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. With just one treatment, you’ll get smooth, natural looking results that last up to a year.

JUVÉDERM® XC is manufactured using HYLACROSS™ technology, creating a smooth-consistency gel. It is infused with lidocaine to improve comfort during treatment. With JUVÉDERM® XC you get the smooth results you expect, with the improved comfort you want.

Everyone will notice, but no one will know.

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Cosmetic Botox Therapy

What is Botox?

Botox is an optional temporary treatment for moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

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Ultrasound Cavitation Therapy

What is Ultrasound Cavitation Therapy?

Ultrasound “Liposuction” (ultrasonic cavitation) is a new, revolutionary European fat removal non-invasive technique that does NOT involve surgery – there is no need for any hospital stay or time off work. The treatment has immediate results and delivers further additional fat reduction within the week following the procedure. We utilize a unique cavitation technology that allows for non-invasive combat against stubborn fat deposits that never seem to disappear regardless of your diet or how hard you work out. Unlike the well-known procedure called liposuction or tummy tuck, and in a way similar to lipodissolve or mesotherapy, ultrasonic cavitation is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for cellulite, also known as localized adiposity and it’s available now in Success Weight Loss and MedSpa. The most problematic body areas are: abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), thighs (“saddle bags”), buttocks, inner knees, upper arm, and male breasts. Your body can now be contoured with no anesthesia, no scars, and no downtime.

A minimum of 8 sessions is recommended for optimum visual results.
6 Sessions $600.00
8 Sessions $800.00
12 Sessions $1200.00
15 Sessions $1500.00